Julie Kimball paintings


Julie Kimball is primarily an abstract painter, with studios in Naples, FL, and Martha’s Vineyard, MA. She works in acrylics and mixed media, and cites as her influences the Fauves, Richard Diebenkorn, Lee Krasner, Willem deKooning, Joan Mitchell, and such contemporary artists as Clare Harrigan, Lillia Frantin, Ellen Rossi and Theresa Girard.

“I am at heart a colorist. I love the interplay of line and texture and light, and the properties of paint itself, but color exhilarates me. Color is joy, grief, rage, anticipation, fear, loneliness, solitude, peace, bliss. Color is imagination, indignation, reason, unreason. Color is life.”

Her paintings can be found at Gallery 206, 5880 Shirley St., Naples, FL